dimanche 30 mai 2010

Never Stop Travelling.

Free & Easy

Free & Easy my favorite magazine , more about lifestyle than fashion !

vendredi 28 mai 2010

Rolex + Nato

However I am not a rolex fan , but this one from james bond is great.
Should I do the same with a timex...

Dad's style

The great escape's look:
Aero-leather jacket,Navy crewneck,Khakis,Suede boots & Tote bag.

mardi 25 mai 2010

What I am wearing today

Sunny morning. Converse & Junya Watanabe Man

dimanche 9 mai 2010


Hola, ¿qué tal? bien?!
Vale , Hoy me voy a hablar de las alpargatas.¿Entiendes ? ¿No ?
Well espadrilles are originaly created in south of france , more exactly on the west coast... Actually I do not agree with that because here people are wearing espadrilles for a long long time , it's more a product from south of france and spain.
In first time espadrille was wearing by old people 'cause their are light and very pleasant to wear and you can even drive your car with. Manual cars are a pain in the ass to drive with flipflop.
But now fashion is interested about espadrilles but there aren't very known out of france and spain, so don't let fashion firm sell you espadrilles at 60 euros/70 dollars even if they are telling you that's hand made in france.

samedi 8 mai 2010


I've heard a lot of horrible things about Texas and people from Texas.But that was maybe the most friendly people that I've met in USA.Everyone give us a warm welcome and was intrigued why we are visiting Texas.I remenber a waitress that tell me in Bass pro shop's restaurant that I was the first french that she has ever met.


One year ago , I was packing my luggage to a new adventure. That was my first solo trip in a foreign country(I don't count France & Spain of course) and I was gone for 2 months in this wet place that we call England. This is maybe one of the best experience of my life. I learn a lot of things from people which I was working with.I am a mediteranean guy but the english way of life seduce me , compare to french people english are less stressed in my opinion , they are very patriotic and love history and antics things.

For my old days

I guess that would be a nice mean of transportation for my old days, I can imagine me and my Suzie Q doing a road trip across USA,meet people,looking for flea market and authentic restaurant...