samedi 8 mai 2010


I've heard a lot of horrible things about Texas and people from Texas.But that was maybe the most friendly people that I've met in USA.Everyone give us a warm welcome and was intrigued why we are visiting Texas.I remenber a waitress that tell me in Bass pro shop's restaurant that I was the first french that she has ever met.

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  1. Hi,

    I saw your comment on the selectism about the espadrille. I am in France right now and was wondering if you could recommend where to buy a good pair of espadrille. I am obliged to your kindness in this matter

  2. Bonjour Shen-Mou.
    Well espadrilles are a product from south of France and Spain, I don't know where you are in france right now . But if you are looking for espadrille with nice prices , first of all I will recommend you to look for old men foot store.
    But if you are coming in south of France,Biarritz, Toulouse,Perpignan are maybe the town which are most specialized in Espadrilles.

  3. Bonjour Monsieur,

    I am currently living in Paris right now. I will take a break at the Carcassonne next week and will try to get me some good espadrilles.

    Many thanks for your response!

  4. Oh men , if you are coming to carcassonne you have to take a day to come in Perpignan it's just at 1 hour of carcassonne and we have great espadrille hand-made outlet , and it is maybe the spanier town in france !

  5. Great! could you direct me to the location of this outlet?

  6. The shop is close to La Place Arago in Perpignan(centre-ville) in front of a shoeshop named Besson. And you have another shop called Maison Quinta ,you would find real nice pairs on the last level. There is the site of the shop